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The Dargah Shareef of ‘Hazrath Syed Kareem Ulla Shah Qadiri’ (RA) URF ‘Ka-le Shah Mastan Baba’ (RA) lies in Kasumuru village. ‘Hazrat Syed Kareem Ullah Shah Quadri’ (R.A) popularly known as ‘Kale Shah Peer Mastan Vali Baba’ to his countless devotees.

Coordinates:  Longitude - 14°20'6"N   Latitude-79°51'9"E

Devotees refer to him as ‘Kasumuru Masthanayya’, a great Fakir supposed to have belonged to ‘18th century’.

The Dargah is situated on the west of ‘Venkatachalam’ Mandal 25 K.M away from ‘Nellore’ and 80 K.M from ‘Rahmatabad Shareef’.

The Dargah is located at a distance of 26 km from ‘Nellore Town’ (SPSR) along the Chennai Highway.
Because of its proximity to Tamil Nadu a large number of people visiting this dargah are from Tamil Nadu, though the shrine is no less popular in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The shrine like the shrine at Rahmatabad is known for its extraordinary healing powers from physical as well as ‘spiritual ailments’. 

A very famous Muslim Dargah in South India visited by Hindus and Muslim Devotees. This was taken over by Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board Hyderabad, 25 years back.

The Wakf Board earned more than Ten Crore rupees on this Dargah, but not invested two Crore Rupees.
No Accommodation facility provided by Board. Only Private Rooms are available. 

Yearly Two Times Lakhs of people will visit during ‘Sandal Festival’ and ‘Rottela Panduga’. Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, BJP Leader Intiated to form a Double Road from Venkatachalam to Kasumuru Village. We really appreciate his efforts. May Mastan Vali bless him. 

Road in Dargah Center is encroached by local shop keepers which causing more difficulty to public and devotees. No Govt action due to local politics.

Head Dargah Muzawar: M. S. Munawar Hussain

Rahman visits Kasumuru dargah: The Music Maestro visited the dargah on the eve of special prayers and religious preachings that were held. Rahman said that he have been coming to the dargah for the last 20 years to get spiritual energy. 

Oscar winner A.R Rahman visited Kasumuru dargah in Sri Pottti Sriramulu Nellore district and offered special prayers on Wednesday. The Khwaja and other community elders blessed Rahman. 


The Dargah of ‘Hazrat Kale Shah Mastan Baba’ is very famous for curing various ailments.
The kash-o-karmath of ‘Hazrath Kale Shah Mastan Baba’ (RA) is very famous in the entire south India. So people visit this dargah shareef from different states for the removal of  ‘jinnats’ and other ‘balayats’.

It is famous that ‘Hazrat Kale Shah Mastan Baba’ (RA) is very Jalali Buzurgh ( Saint ) and the jinnats run listening to the name of this great ‘AULIYA’ even from far off places when people call the name of ‘Hazrat Kale Shah Mastan Baba’ (RA) in great troubles.

‘Hazarath Kale Shah Mastan Vali’ (RA) is blessings the devotees in dargah and worth to visit and get blessings from ‘Hazrath Kale Shah Mastan Vali’ will help all who are in troubles of ‘jinnats’ and recoveries are very fast and cures for various ‘aligments’ at this great dargah shareef.

Important Note: If anybody reaches Nellore it is advisable to visit ‘Bara Shaheed Dargah’ in Nellore and then visit ‘Kasmuru shareef’ which is 25 K.M from Nellore and Rahmatabad Shareef ‘Hazrath Nayab-e-Rasool’ (RA) Dargah which is 53 K.M from Nellore.

This dargah is beleived to cure various ailments and has got to be a very popular pilgrim place considering the fact that AR Rahman, a resident of Madras has been visiting this place since 20 years like several others from different parts of the country. 

There was a great saint who lived here in 18th century named Hazrath Syed Kareem Ulla Shah Qadri more popular as Kale Shah Mastan Baba. Even today, for locals and devotees around, he is “Kasmuru Masthanayya” a great Fakir who is a living god who listens and solves their problems. 

 It is said that the saint lived in nearby caves spending his time in penance. People who visit the Dargah also make a stopover at the caves. This sacred place is located at Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh and is situated around 25 K.M from the heart of the Nellore city. The sanctity and belief in Kareem Ulla Shah Mastan Vali pulls crowds from all religions, irrespective of cast and creed from all over the India and globe.

People come to the threshold of Kasmuru Dargah with lots of hope of getting fulfilled their requests, which are strongly believed to be generously bestowed at this place. This place is quite famous for curing various physical ailments. 

This Dargah Shareef is also famous for its power to get one relieved from possession of evil spirits.
The entrance to the Dargah is flanked by shops on either side over a stretch. Selling photographs of holy places, temple ware, flowers and chaddars that can be offered at the Dargah.

If you are planning to visit this place by your own vehicle, you need to hit NH5 from Nellore to Tirupati and take a right at Venkatachala Satram and that’s about 10 Km from Nellore, from there you need to travel 8 -10 K.M further inside to reach Kasmuru. 

Dargah - Coordinates: 14°20'6"N   79°51'9"E  ((14°20'6"=13(4) &  79°51'9"=31(4)) 2 telugu and 2 hindi (total 4)

Warm Regards
Kasumuru Dargah Development Trust


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  2. sir ,my request is i need to know more information about this dargah,can you sir? the visiting timings and after reaching there to whom i need to meet and etc....
    my mail id is naveen030303@gmail.com

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    1. Mr gannavaram. Here we call auliya allah as saint of allah almighty. No body will associate any wali with allah. Every body know that allah is our creater and protecter. We just get blessings and dua from auliya allah. Who are alive in their graves. So I suggest Mr gannavaram to visit darga. Because. Allah said in quran that " inna zikra saleheena tanzila alar rehman. Which means where ever we discuss about the auliya(saleheen) in that there allah Allah will grant rahamath on them. In just disscussing about auliya allah is granting rehmat then just think about that place where auliya is. So say shirk biddat. We are very thank full auliya. Who introduced islam to u and me in india. And it is continuing. Best example is a r rehman.

    2. Assalamualikum Gannavaram bro what is meaning of the shirk actually you don't know shirk mean to compare any thing to Allah we are not comparing auliya to Allah we say that auliya are the friends of Allah auliya lived thier whole life only for Allah not for the world auliya love to Allah and Allah love to them Allah says that I love auliya so you also love to auliya therefore we love and respect them .

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    if you want to know about islam ,u should follow QURAAN AND HADITH.

    1. Dear gannavaram for your kindly information allah has mention in quran that for your question for more information please do call me my self
      sufi syed

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    1. As salamualikum i ll give you the right information about what is shirk and wat is bidha and wat is shariya
      In the light og quran e kareem sarkar e hameed

    2. As salamualikum i ll give you the right information about what is shirk and wat is bidha and wat is shariya
      In the light og quran e kareem sarkar e hameed

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  6. To understand quran e shareef, we have to first become the sincere student of Aulia allah,

    its not that easy to understand the kalaam e paak

  7. Shirk ka sahi matlab samjho, Awliya Allah ko pahchano,uske baad hi Koi natije par aao,

  8. Pehle shirk Matlab samjho ., shirk dilse hota hai., Aulia Allah ka aehtaram Karo., Aulia Alla huzur keep rasthe part hai., aur Allah huzur ko passed karte hai
    Syed Khaleem

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    Syed Khaleem

  10. Pehle shirk Matlab samjho., shirk dilse hota hai., Aulia Allah ka aehtaram Karo., Aulia Allah huzur ke rasthe par hai., aur Allah huzur ko pasand karte hai so we should follow Aulia Allah
    Syed Khaleem

  11. Mr Naveen, this place is a place of visit to evil possession which is not normal, you don't have to meet any one in the darga, with spiritual powers, even after the baba or the fakirs death, the almighty creator of the heavens and the earth has left the baba or the fakirs soul to heal humans who are possessed, which cannot be scientifically healed, just sit and pray in the darga and speak to him like how u speak to a doctor, these fakirs or baba are spiritual doctors, these baba or fakir are not god, they definitely help only to remove evil spirits or the jinn, the jinn and spirit exist but not visible to the human eye so it's very difficult for present trends to understand these evil possession,
    God is only Allah, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the compassionate, the merciful, master of the day of judgement, he alone we worship and ask for help, ask him to guide you to the straight path, say this every morning before speaking to anyone.
    Nothing more pleasure able then being directly connected to the Almighty Allah.

  12. "Lo! verily the friends of Allah are those on whom fear cometh not,
    nor do they grieve".

    Quraan Sura Yunus, Ch 10 ayat 62

    "Ala inna awliyaa Allahi la khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona"

    Quraan: Sura Yunus Ch 10 Ayat 62

    Please read this Ayat and understand shirk is different and ehteram is different my brother. Allah tala sobko quran aur hadees ki samjh ata farmaye Ameen.

  13. Mustan baba my daddy love u a lots .......

  14. Mustan baba my daddy love u a lots .......

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    1. - Duniya ke Jindey Wali Kasumur ke Mastan Wali
      - Allah ke pyarey Wali kalesha Wali
      - Jinn/Shaitan Bhathey hey Karimulla sha Qadri naam se
      - Karimulla ka darbar gari bom ka nazar
      - Allah key pyare hey Nabi key sachey aashiqui hey

      Chalo hambhi Kasumur chalenge

  17. Wali Kasumur ke Mastan Wali Allah ke pyarey Wali kalesha Wali bade wali hai
    please dont right bad comment on wali or dargah

  18. waliyo dil se yaad aur unka naam lete raho vo hamko aur apko zaroor apne bargah bulaayenge

    inshah allah...

  19. Baba,My niece is suffering from blood cancer and doctor has given up all hopes. We are trying with ayurvedic now but no improvements. We wanted to get her to your place but we can't take the risk of travelling. Please help us baba.

  20. Ayurvedic will take it's time for cure.changes will be seen lately and surely.but we have to wait.for reaching this place u can take train to Mellor and from there u can fix any tour car or by bus.buses available every 30 minutes

  21. Sorry it's not Mellor.it is nellore

  22. Hello all my brothers.i visited this dargah lately as one of my Muslim friend asked me to go there.he advised me to go there because my family suffering from various problems like hospitalization and illness continuously.then he advised me to go because he doubted there might be some evilspirit might have influenced my family.as per his advise I went to Nathan babas dargah and also went to shafi bavi well.can anyone advise is there anything else I should do.im advised to go there for 3 no moon days.

  23. Excellent place very high spiritual energy removes all your negative energy

  24. Bhai mastan wali marriage keeya kay

  25. I have eye problems problems not curable please pray for me

  26. Can i know about sajra of hazrat kareemullah shah qaderi baba?

  27. Assalamualaikum. Since my childhood I am visiting hazrat Kareemullah baba Darga. There is a spiritual power and you will get piece definitely... And lot of zinnat persons was cured from here.. don't think more visit one time. You will get positive vibrations in your mind...